About Us

DEFENERGA is a Prime OEM in a variety of advanced technology products and services. It focuses on Manufacturing, Research and Development, Marketing, Sales and Service of select technologies in Defence, Homeland Security, Civil Aviation and energy.

DEFENERGA has a Strategic Partnering Program for SMEs to collaborate with, to expand their technology and manufacturing base with DEFENERGA as the Prime for technology related product and project opportunities.

DEFENERGA’s Strategic Partnering Program for OEMs enables it to work closely with OEMs on their immediate and long-term technology product and service-based requirements for Offset Obligations. This program enables the OEMs to leverage its broad technology base and SME partnerships to deliver value to them.

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Our Strategy

Applying energy and focusing to all tasks, recognising our role to provide mission critical capabilities.


Ensuring an operational and strategic advantage.

Our Values

Our values serve as compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow DEFENERGA to a champion Worldwide interests and to act as a global player.